Burchett Says FBI Is Lying About Twitter Files


    In the Friday's edition of the “Evening Edit,” a show on the Fox Business Network, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) declared “This is a lie” by the FBI in its response to Twitter documents on its communications with Twitter.

    In a statement made to Fox News that was read to Burchett on air, the FBI said “The FBI regularly engages with private sector companies to provide specific information about the identified foreign influence actors subversive, not disclosed, secret criminal or illicit actions. Private sector organizations make the decisions on what, if any, actions they will decide to take on their platforms as well as for their clients after the FBI has informed them.”

    Burchett responded, “Mr. Wray lies. He needs to be removed in January. I'm sure Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who is on the Judiciary Committee and Mr. Comer, Kentucky's chairman, will fill him with a dancing card. The issue is far and wide. To even say that claim that we're doing precisely the same thing they're carrying out. … It's the way they investigated President Trump and claimed it was a foreign organization and that's why they slipped into his campaign, and that's exactly what they're doing now. They've used this information to dox individuals. They've used it to silence individuals. It's at the highest level in our Justice Department and we need to find the root of it. This is because it has a negative impact on our constitutional issues that we're facing right now due to corruption that's taking place at this point and the fact that we've allowed our once great FBI to be sucked into by these people is, to me, a terrifying issue.”


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