Bus Drivers Salute Uvalde by Forming Bus-Made Word


    Leroy Montalvo, who is the NISD's Culebra Transportation bus driver, was the one to organize the touching tribute, with the help of his colleagues as per NISD Transportation Director Tesilia Garza, ABC 10 reported.

    NISD posted an aerial image of yellow school buses  with hearts and a group of students who were gathered and holding hands while they spell out the word Uvalde:

    “This is truly touching and encouraging. All of us need to be united in situations such as this. Thanks for this,” !!!!” One social media user spoke about the gesture.

    “Bless them for doing this, even with their hearts breaking, I'm sure,” another said.

    Station managers from various other stations broadcast information, and employees from five stations took part wearing maroon, the color of the school at Robb Elementary.

    In a tweet on social media that was posted on the weekend, Montalvo said thanks to an idea shared by a colleague and he decided to go ahead with the idea in the first place “[w]ith team work this came to be.”

    “Just proud of my district for coming together and supporting the idea,” the mayor said.

    A gunman walked into Robb Elementary on Tuesday, shooting at 19 children as well as two teachers in the assault.

    Texas Governor. Greg Abbott (R) recently announced that an anonymous donor donated $175,000 to cover the funeral costs of the students and teachers who were murdered at the school for elementary students in Uvalde.

    “We appreciate that anonymous donor for his generosity and we will ensure that those resources get into the right hands to make sure that no family who is suffering from incalculable heartbreak at this time will have to worry about a single cost,” Abbott said on Friday.

    He said the state offered mental health services via “state and private providers … to anyone in the community who needs it.”

    “And when I say anyone, I mean the totality of anybody who lives in this community,” he said. 


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