California Bills Would Require Healthcare Workers to Attend Pro-Trans Indoctrination Classes


    The classes would focus on “inclusive terminology,” in addition to “historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression” of transgender individuals as well as “the difference between personal values and professional responsibilities with regard to serving TGI people.”

    California Senate Bill 923 will require health professionals to be required to attend an additional course each when a complaint is made against them.

    The California Family Council called the bill an attempt to “shame healthcare workers into doing sterilizing trans treatments” and pointed out “If someone complains that a medical worker is still failing to provide ‘trans-inclusive health care' or refuses to use transgender pronouns, that employee will have to repeat the training again.”

    They also said “complaints that are found to be valid will be made public and further sanctions could be issued.”

    These “cultural competency” classes would have to be run by a transgender-led organisation. One such organization, named Break the Binary, is run by two transgender couples. Break the Binary offers workshops across a range of topics that include titles such as “Trans and Non-binary Health” and a keynote address entitled “A Call to Action: Allyship and Advocacy.”

    The former Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Education Candice Jackson spoke to Breitbart News and said that, if it were to pass, the bill would become “a financial windfall to activist groups that promote myths and spiritual propositions, not facts or information.”

    This bill, an earlier variant of which has been approved by the state House and Senate, was dubbed the “Transgender Inclusive Care Act” by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-CA) who introduced it earlier in the year.

    “No one should go to a doctor's appointment only to be misgendered, harassed, or even refused treatment,” Wiener declared in the press release. The release further states that the bill will oblige “health plans to have an accessible search function that allows patients to easily find providers who offer gender-affirming care.”

    According to Wiener's press release the “gender-affirming care” includes “chest reconstruction, mastectomy, facial feminization surgery, hysterectomy, voice masculinization or feminization, hormone therapy related to gender dysphoria or intersex conditions, gender-affirming gynecological care, or voice therapy related to gender dysphoria or intersex conditions.”

    Jackson stated to Breitbart News that the bill will legally establish “indoctrination for health care providers, further politicizing the practice of medicine and truncating individual providers' independent professional judgment.”

    Wiener earlier introduced a bill which would permit children the medical transition process to California without parental approval. The bill he authored which could have led to the imprisonment of some health professionals who did not make use of the patient's preferred pronouns. The bill was struck down unanimously by the Third District of California's Court of Appeals as a violation of the First Amendment.


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