California Church Shooter Detained with an Extension Cord when Police Arrived


    News revealed that five people sustained injuries and one person was killed after an alleged gunman opened fire within the church early afternoon.

    The Orange County Sheriff noted that four of the five wounded people were critically injured.

    NBC Los Angeles said law enforcement had indicated they believed that “one or more of the church congregants … acted quickly and ‘heroically' to subdue the shooter, who was already ‘hog-tied' with an extension cord when authorities arrived.”

    The Daily Mail quoted Orange County Sheriff Jeff Hallock saying, “That group of churchgoers demonstrated what we consider to be exceptional bravery and courage when they intervened to stop the perpetrator. They definitely prevented more deaths and injuries. It's fair to say that if they had not intervened, the situation could be far worse.”

    The suspected shooter is being held by the police in custody. The weapon(s) found in his possession were located on the spot.


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