California Governor Newsom Touts His Strong Showing in the Primary–but Does He Have Much to Boast About as His State Languishes?


    California Governor Gavin Newsom is celebrating his primary lead by declaring California the “antidote” to America. However, California also ranks first in fuel costs per capita as well as in the poverty rate. California is also plagued by electricity blackouts during peak demand times because of its expansive green-energy policies, which Newsom admitted are the cause of the problem.

    Despite its wealth abundance and tax burden, the state is at the bottom of the educational ladder and is experiencing a raging crime wave. The state's diversity of population hides the prevailing political system, which has witnessed the Democratic Party govern virtually without opposition, resulting in an exodus of small-business proprietors and middle-class families who can't afford the cost of living. While Newsom was able to impose–despite resistance–draconian coronavirus rules, the state didn't perform as well as states that did not have these lockdowns or lifted their lockdowns following an interminable period and then reopened their economies. It is suffering from a severe drought and has not been able to tackle the ongoing issue of wildfires.

    Newsom will be in the runoff in November, against the second-place winner of the primary, whose name is yet to be decided.


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