California is a Preview of Biden’s America


    Kevin Kiley said that the midterm election was about answering the most important question “Are we going to continue to go down this disastrous path that Joe Biden is taking us” – that we “have a preview for up here in California” – or do we want to go back to the Trump policies of the Trump administration that helped to give us a safe border and the most prosperous economy that the country ever experienced,” and “that gave us secure communities?”

    Host Matthew Boyle remarked that Kiley was “battle-tested” from his time in the Republican minority in Sacramento as an assembly member in the California State Assembly, before noting that he'll be required to battle “the RINOs there too in Washington” and questioning how the candidate can carry what he's learned from California and apply it to D.C.

    Kiley stated he believed that “if we get the majority, which I do think we will, in Congress, that is not enough. We need to have the right kind of majority, the majority that is actually going to do things to rein in the Biden administration and to reverse the damage that they're doing.”

    The Trump-endorsed presidential candidate spoke about the necessity of fighting while at a disadvantage, saying that following the imposition of an election on California's gas tax several occasions, “a number of Democrats have come out and said they support suspending the gas tax.”

    Kiley stated that California symbolizes “everything that Joe Biden is trying to do to our country,” stating it is “the problems that all of America is seeing California has already been experiencing.” The report said that in California, “shortages are almost like a fact of life,” which highlights the poor management of energy and water resources which has led to continuous blackouts, and are a reflection of an “utter failure of liberal, progressive politics.”

    Boyle also addressed the current crisis at our southern border, arguing that it can be fixed by having the politicians “build a barrier, i.e. the wall, that stops the flow of people” and “put in the proper legal procedures.” Kiley pointed out that the only solution to the problem in illegal migration is to implement “the exact opposite of what California has been doing,” saying how the Golden State has actually incentivized illegal immigration, before telling listeners “what Biden is trying to do America, Gavin Newsom has already done to California.”


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