California is reporting the highest gas prices in the United States, nearly $6


    On Tuesday, the gas price average was at $4.242, just a bit less than the record price, which the U.S. reached several days earlier in the month. In March, for instance, the average national gas price was $4.331 which was up 49 cents over a week, surpassing records set during the administration of former President Obama.

    On Tuesday, only a few states reported an average of more than $5.00 per gallon of gasoline. This includes Hawaii ($5.092) as well as Nevada ($5.136). The only state with more expensive average prices for gasoline across the nation remains California and has an average of $5.866 average.

    This is more than the $5.800 average that was recorded last week, on the 18th of March.

    Many Golden State counties are reporting gas prices that are close to or exceeding $6.00 per gallon. These are Humboldt ($5.949), Trinity ($5.987), Napa ($5.927), Marin ($5.921), San Francisco ($5.964), Ventura ($5.974), San Diego ($5.947), Orange ($5.968) San Luis Obispo ($6.031), Inyo ($6.054), and Los Angeles ($6.011).

    As Breitbart News reported, diesel prices in Los Angeles are nearing $7.00 per gallon.

    Mono County is continuing to declare the highest gas price per capita in California with $6.584. The previous week, the average for Mono was $6.537.

    In the meantime, Kansas and Missouri are still reporting the lowest average gas prices across the nation -the averages are $3.763 and $3.765, respectively.

    While Biden has been president, he has been unable to accept the blame for the rising prices of gas caused by his bad policies in securing American energy independence and approving massive spending. A majority of Americans directly blame the Biden administration for the rise in gas prices.


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