“#CancelNetflix”: Anger Over Teen Lesbian Vampire Series Cancellation After One Season


    A boycott by fans of a lesbian vampire show doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal. However, their outrage was loud enough on Wednesday for #CancelNetflix to become a trending topic on Twitter following the streaming service's drive to cancel First Kill after just one season. The drama was launched in June and did not prove to be a popular or critical success and yet its cancelation was a cause for its loyal fans to see red.

    A few of the show's followers have claimed Netflix has “lesbophobia” and is racist, noting that First Kill featured characters who were black and gay. “Why do y’all hate lesbians so much?” one fan asked.

    Deadline revealed that Netflix cancelled First Kill after the series was unable to meet the standards for viewing and the completion of episodes required to be renewed for the second season. However, that explanation didn't seem to persuade the viewers of the show.

    Numerous First Kill fans took particular satisfaction in watching customers canceling their Netflix subscriptions.

    As Breitbart News revealed, Netflix lost nearly 1 million subscribers during the second quarter of last year — the largest loss of customers in its history. The loss of subscribers has forced the company to cut costs and lay off hundreds of workers.

    The shares of Netflix have dropped more than 60 percent in the year to date.


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