Charlamagne Tha God Says Biden Has Dementia


    Author and radio host Charlamagne Tha God claimed that president Joe Biden has dementia during his Breakfast Club radio show. “I saw him talking to a ghost,” Charlamagne stated, while a co-host claimed that the president of the United States has “dementia.”

    “Don't y'all think it's ambitious of Biden to be announcing his future plans?” Charlamagne asked and DJ Envy replied, “Do you think he should be tested before he's able to announce that he should be able to run?”

    When another audience member asked “tested for what?” DJ Envy immediately said, “dementia.”

    “Have you seen something that suggests that he has dementia?” Former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross asked, to which DJ Envy said, “Yes,” before Charlamagne intervened, declaring, “I saw him talking to a ghost!”

    The radio host may be referring to an incident that occurred in the latter part of September when Biden did not realize that he had given a shout out to Republican Congresswoman Rep. Jackie Walorski who died on the 3rd of August.

    DJ Envy, whose real name is RaaShaun Casey, continued saying “Yeah it was like he spoke to ghosts. Often he's lost and there are times when he appears confused, and does not know where he is. The ghosts write their thoughts on his hand and napkins to make sure he is aware.”

    After Charlamagne pointed out that Biden was unable to remember the name of someone, the former CNN anchor Angela Rye pushed back, insisting “That's normal.”

    “No, it's not,” Charlamagne stated in response to Rye, to which Rye replied, “Yes it is, it's very normal.”

    DJ Envy interjected, adding, “But he spoke to a ghost, he spoke to a person that wasn't there.”

    “Would you rather have Biden with dementia, or Trump with all of his issues?” Cross asked and Charlamagne replied, “They're two wings on the same bird.”

    In the course of the debate, Charlamagne urged Cross as well as Rye to “be honest for a second” and confess that they didn't want to have Biden as a candidate for the second time for reelection.

    The group eventually decided that a presidential candidate must be assessed on their mental health prior to assuming “the highest office in the land.”


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