Charlie Hurt: Establishment Republicans Shouldn’t Blame Donald Trump for Losses in Midterms


    The Republican establishment is not right in blaming former president Donald Trump for losses in the midterm elections, the opinion editor of the Washington Times Charlie Hurt said on Wednesday's edition of SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

    In the interview, most of the conversation was about former President Trump and his involvement in the midterm elections. Hurt claimed that Trump-backed candidates, such as Ohio's Senator-elect J.D. Vance and Florida's governor Ron DeSantis, were victorious because they ran successful campaigns on MAGA issues.

    Hurt denied the notion that the establishment Republicans can be justified in blaming Trump for the midterm losses. He said that the Republican establishment has not had an excellent track record in selecting winners. For instance, former senators Martha McSally of Arizona and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia had been picked by members of the Republican establishment in order to take the vacant Senate seats in red states. However, both failed to win re-election at the end of 2020, losing to Democrats.

    “These are two candidates who didn’t even have to face voters,” Hurt said. “It gives them the greatest advantage that any senator has in a Senate race, which is incumbency. And both of those women, who were handpicked by establishment Republicans and dropped in the Senate seats, couldn’t hold on to their seats.”

    He added, “So yes, you can blame Donald Trump if you want to, for one lost seat in Georgia, [but] we would not have [Georgia’s Democrat Sen.] Raphael Warnock if not for establishment Republicans dropping a terrible candidate in Kelly Loeffler into that seat.”

    Hurt stated that if the establishment is so adept at spotting people to run “then explain why [Colorado’s Republican senatorial candidate Joe] O’Dea lost by 12 points.”

    He continued, “If you’re the establishment Republican Party, and you’re so effing good at all this stuff, then why [do] you pick candidates that even your own voters don’t support?”

    Hurt also wondered why polling prior to the election was not accurate.

    “They had Patty Murray up by three points. She won like she did last time, by upper double digits,” he said. “The question I have is–and this is what’s kind of worrisome to me because the party’s got to figure this out–is it those Trump voters that Trafalgar is so good at finding and registering? Did they not show up because they weren’t energized? They showed up in Florida. They showed up huge in Florida. They showed up in Ohio. They showed up in North Carolina. They clearly appear to have not shown up in other places.”


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