Chelsea Manning Goes After Elon Musk


    Manning, in an interview published by the Daily Beast, claimed that Elon Musk “seemed transphobic” when he made the meme that poked fun at Netflix after there was speculation that Manning was involved in an affair with Musk's former girlfriend, Grimes.

    “Netflix waiting for the war to end to make a movie about a black Ukraine guy [who] falls in love with a transgender soldier,” Musk tweeted at the time.

    Manning did not confirm or deny that he had an affair in any way with Grimes; however, he did say that Musk “seemed transphobic.”

    “The only thing I'm going to say is that around the period of his demise definitely was transphobic. It's a rumor or speculation, but if it's true is out of the doubt. I'm going to tackle the matter. Any transphobia that is exhibited within the environment of a transphobic community isn't acceptable,” said Manning.

    Manning is also turning his attention on his ex-friend Glenn Greenwald, who he made a public apology to during the last year. He claims that the floods in New York prompted him to take a stand against the old acquaintances.

    “Glenn Greenwald I don't have $10,000 at the moment, but if I receive it, I'd like to give it back for you as a contribution you made previously. I'm not able to deal with this for long. I'm scared of you and all you do. You're unprincipled, greedy, and I'm ashamed for ever thinking of you as to be a friend.” Manning posted on Twitter at that time.

    “To those he's injured, I'm sorry that I didn't speak up. I was afraid and that's my fault.” Manning ended his remarks.

    Greenwald replied to Chelsea's tweet by declaring his displeasure with the way that it portrays the hatred of the left towards those who do not agree. Greenwald tweeted:

    “Friendships that are built on political consensus were not friendships at all, they were transactional cynicism. While she was imprisoned, in the midst of suicide attempts, I was among the few who visited her, and I was calling for hours in search of money to help her. No good deed goes unpunished.”

    “The truth is that some people may be nice to you as long as they believe that you're helping them and will give them the things they need, but they'll be angry with them when they are unable to or won't. If you can prove you stood up for them and provided for people who had good motives the way I did, then your conscience must be cleaned.”

    Manning has also gone after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that same year, saying that he would have made available the classified documents containing 750,000 as well as those classified documents for journalist Ken Klippenstein.

    In an interview in an interview with The Daily Beast, Manning stated that Greenwald is a part of a partisan of “dangerous” people.

    “I believe that he's the most dangerous person I know. People he has aligned himself with are extremely risky,” Manning declared. “A majority of people are trending in this direction, but Manning was the toughest. He was the toughest.”


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