Cheney Claims Trump’s Refusal to Concede Put US in Danger


    Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Monday on CNN's “The Lead” that Donald Trump's insistence on announcing his victory in the presidential election placed the nation in a risky “no man's land.”

    CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked about New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman's latest book that claims that Trump would have planned to remain in the White House after the election.

    Cheney stated, “I obviously haven't seen her book, but at times people will say, “Well I guess the incident wasn't really that big of an issue because If Mike Pence had rejected a slate of voters, the Supreme Court would have sorted the issue. There are lots of ways that people can claim that this wasn't as risky as it actually was. When you hear something similar I believe you need to realize that we were not in any man's land , and we've never had before as a nation.”

    She continued, “When you think about that, you must remember that you have to ask yourself, well, if the Supreme Court would have sorted the issue out, but you need to think about who would have enacted the rulings from the Supreme Court? If you've got a president who is refusing to leave the White House or who's saying that he's not leaving his White House, then anyone who stands by and says that somebody else will take care of the situation is putting the nation in danger. There is no doubt that at the point where we were the threat of a terrorist attack, everyone needed to speak up and accept the responsibility. It's also not a surprise that these are the thoughts he has stated. Again that merely confirms the real risk.”


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