Cheney Will Lose Says CNN Anchor


    “Cheney looks likely to lose — and she knows it,” Cillizza wrote. “What she also knows is that, at least in her mind, this isn't the end of her political career.”

    Cheney is just 30 points further behind than Hageman who has risen in the second quarter of fundraising taking advantage of Cheney's alliance to the Democrats on the Jan. 6 partisan Committee.

    The mainstream media has noted Cheney's low chance of winning her seat and are to hype her as a presidential candidate in 2024. However, Cheney only has a poll of around 2 percent within a GOP primary field which includes the former president Donald Trump's dominant lead in polls at 53 percent.

    If Cheney is able to decide to run, her low polling suggests that she might be an independent candidate. “The real question seems to be then not whether Cheney runs — she sounded to all the world like that decision is mostly made — but rather whether she would have any sort of impact on the 2024 race,” Cillizza wrote.

    Cillizza stated that she believes that if Cheney was to run as an independent candidate, she would affect the chances of former President Donald Trump of winning back his Oval Office. Cheney has vowed to never let Trump close to the White House ever again.

    “Assuming Trump is the Republican nominee, such a candidacy could skim off enough votes to potentially hamstring the former President's chances of winning,” the commentator said. “Even under that scenario, however, Cheney would function as a spoiler — trying to keep Trump from the White House — rather than as a viable candidate to be president.”

    In a Sunday interview, Cheney told CNN's Jake Tapper she'll decide on her presidential plans “down the road.”

    In the meantime, Cheney is spending her primary campaign in the 6 January Committee spotlight. “We have a lot more work to accomplish. We have more evidence that we can share with the American citizens, and even more to collect,” Cheney said on Thursday.

    Cheney has also revealed that she's staying clear of Wyoming because she doesn't like being in the presence of insane people. “I'm not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,” Cheney stated about the Republican gathering that was geared towards Wyoming voters. For 2020, Trump was elected president by the state Wyoming in 2020, with almost 70% of the vote.

    Cheney's chances in winning her place in the Wyoming primary are just a little higher than her polling in 2024.


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