Chicago Alderman Sounds Alarm About Bloody Fourth of July Weekend: ‘This Is a War Zone’


HOST: [Chicago Mayor] Lori Lightfoot [D] has made statements saying that illegal guns are the problem in the city. What do you think?

ANTHONY NAPOLITANO: I think that's pure nonsense. We have the strongest and the strictest gun laws in the state, if not the country. If you go to our surrounding borders right now, where we're supposedly getting all the guns from, they have nowhere near the amount of crime as we do. We have a people problem here in Chicago. I've been saying that for a long time. We have zero accountable ability for people in Chicago. Nobody is raising their kids anymore; the gangs are raising them.

“We have a state's attorney who is by far the worst in the nation and it's all a trickledown effect,” he concluded.


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