Clinton Lawyers Tried to Discredit Trump and Manipulate Elections


    Hillary Clinton. Her name alone can trigger many emotions within the American population, but the most common reaction is to call her an evil person. From past Secret Service agents who remember her in Bill's office, to Veterans who served on K-9 guard duty with her in foreign countries, to her residents of NY., her lifeless, cold, and uncooperative eyes and stiff movements makes her appear more like a dead body than an actual human.

    The staff she employs are also deceitful and untrustworthy. Michael Sussmann is an attorney who was a part of Clinton's 2016 campaign. He became a privileged and highly-empowered individual fairly quickly. He used his connections in the FBI in order to undermine Trump's chances of winning the election. He was not a shrewd gambler, but he was aware of what he wanted to achieve, and did everything that he could to ensure it happened.

    As the first arguments were being made in Washington, prosecutor Brittain Shaw told the story about Sussmann and his actions. The way he met at the top FBI lawyer's office on the 19th of September in 2016, with the intention to offer him false information about computer communications between Trump's business and Russians. These allegations were later analyzed and proven to be untrue.

    Shaw said to the jury “The evidence will show that this is a case about privilege – the privilege of a well-connected D.C. lawyer with access to the highest levels of the FBI.” Sussman made use of his connections and decided to “use the FBI as a political tool.” She explained “the FBI is our institution. It shouldn't be employed as a tool for political gain by anyone.” It's true. The goal of the FBI isn't just to act as private investigators of the wealthy and powerful. The FBI is not there to win elections for politicians.

    Instead, they're supposed to be helping to ensure that elections remain free and uninfluenced. They would like to ensure that the American people choose their own official, not someone that the left has already chosen prior to the first vote being cast. For Sussmann, however, he didn't seem to be convinced at the time he attended this appointment. While he was seated with FBI Chief counsel James Baker, he was trying to relay secret conversations that were being conducted between the Trump Organization and Russia's Alfa Bank. This was not limited to the words, but thumb drives with data on them.

    When asked about his connections, Sussmann explained that he wasn't giving out information based on an individual client; however, he was referring to two clients within Clinton's presidential campaign as well as Rodney Joffe. In this case, Joffe is a technology executive in charge of all the research that connected Alfa-Bank to Trump's Trump Organization. Sussmann's lawyer has backed down on this type of information.

    Attorney Michael Bosworth claimed “no one instructed that he had to travel. There was no authority for his travel.” Bosworth also tried to discredit Baker and claim that since Baker did not record the calls or even record these meetings, he surely isn't right, “Mr. Baker's memories are as transparent as dirt.” Unfortunately, for Baker along with his clients, there's no legal requirement for recording the findings.

    He may not be feeling it right now, but speaking truthfully regarding the Clintons and the way they use Sussmann as a pawn in their campaign to target Trump is not going to go well for the Clintons, no matter what they think. Sussmann will be forced to speak the truth eventually. However, he appears to be ready for the consequences and is willing to slay his opponent to defend the Clintons. It's a shame he doesn't admit to the error and instead he'll lie to try and get a lesser sentence. It might be helpful to the American people to understand the full extent of the insanity that this woman can cause.


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