CNN Employees Scared, According to Report


    “People are frightened. It's like an ongoing kind of pattern.” one unidentified CNN journalist said to The Washington Post. “Is there a purge going on?”

    “They appear to send a message that reads “Watch what you say.” the source said.

    The latest concerns arose when the newly appointed Chairman and CEO Chris Licht attempted to move CNN away from giving extreme-left-leaning partisan coverage.

    On the first day of being hired in April, Licht handed out an email to employees telling them that “CNN should be a vital, respectable, relevant, and revered part of our society. There are many who have lost faith in the media that they rely on.”

    After the August firing of the host of the far-left network’s show Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter – who admitted to crying on his couch during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Licht, in a leaked interview phone conversation, stated that “[t]here will be more changes, and you might not understand it or like it,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    After Stelter's departure, two weeks later, White House correspondent John Harwood exited the network. Although Harwood's announcement seemed as though he had voluntarily left, the Post pointed out that CNN insiders said he had some time remaining on his contract.

    One week before Stelter was fired, lawyer analyst Jeffrey Toobin -famously a masturbator in an Oct. 2020 Zoom meeting with New Yorker and WNYC staffers — was also let go of the network.

    An unidentified CNN producer has told the Washington Post that the employees are concerned about the current direction the network has taken regarding its future coverage of the upcoming elections as well as Former President Donald Trump.

    “It's a really confusing and unsettling time from top to bottom at CNN,” the reporter said. “I don't know anyone who is happy right now.”

    The recent wave of departures caused ex-disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather to inquire,” What is going on at CNN?” There's a lot of speculation about the motives and directives.” Dan Rather was attacked on social media by conservative media users over his discredited history.


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