CNN Poll Shows Expenses and Cost of Living are the Biggest Economic Issue


    Seventy-five percent of respondents believed that expenses and cost of living are the most pressing economic issue faced by families. Other choices were individual financial worries, income/employment and policies/government, social issues/concerns, and everything that is related to coronavirus.

    Of the totality of respondents who reported costs of living/living expenses the highest cost was inflation. the top bracket:

    • Cost of inflation/rising: 38 percent
    • Production of oil, gas and energy prices problems 29 percent
    • Food costs: 18 percent
    • Housing market, affordable housing and cost of housing The cost of housing is eight percent.
    • Living costs (general) 7 percent
    • Cost of health insurance/health care: One percent
    • Cost of education/Student loan 1 percent

    The poll was published just a week after that the Department of Labor recorded inflation at a level of 9.1 percent for June. That was more than the 8.8 percent they had predicted. As a result, Americans have been hit more severely by the increasing prices of daily necessities such as fuel, food transport, housing, and utilities.

    In actual fact, Breitbart News reported that in the past year, house cleaning and other services for the home are increasing by 5.1 percent, food items are increasing by 10.4 percent, while electricity is increasing 13.7 percent and household cleaners are rising by 11.3 percent.

    This CNN survey was carried out by SSRS which is an independent research firm located in Pennsylvania. The poll was conducted between June 13 through July 13 and was released on Monday, revealing an overall sample of 1,459 people, with a 3.3 percent margin of errors, and 95 percent confidence.


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