CNN’s Coates: Trump’s Acts on January 6th were ‘Legally Criminal’


    Laura Coates, a legal analyst at CNN, said during a break in her network's broadcast of the House Select Committee hearing that the actions of former President Donald Trump on the 6th of January, 2021 were “legally criminal.”

    Discussing testimony that Trump ordered that the White House photographer not capture photos on January 6, Coates said, “The president is saying ‘do not show what’s happening here.’ Are you gleeful? Are you rejoicing? Go back to December 18, that consequential meeting. This was the plan. January 6 was the culmination of a plan and an effort. It sounds very clear from their testimony to try to use a last-ditch effort to ignore the fact that the judges told you no, that there was no evidence, your attorney general told you there’s no there there. Then he said why would I have stopped what I have set in motion? I mean, inertia is the thing in motion stays in motion. He doesn’t want it to stop. That is criminal.”

    Anchor Jake Tapper replied, “What do you mean that’s criminal? Legally criminal?”

    Coates declared, ““I believe it’s legally criminal if you are aware and you’re acting with either corrupt motive to try to obstruct the proceeding or with corrupt means. ‘Corrupt means’ means dishonesty and doing something you know is unlawful or wrong to do. He’s been advised by everyone that he shouldn’t do it. So whether DOJ wants to do that prosecution is different story but remember, we’re not talking about rocket science in the sense of having to use anything of direct evidence. circumstantial also comes, cumulation also comes, we are seeing this here.”


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