CNN’s Don Lemon: Rittenhouse Trial Judge Demeanor Grounds for ‘Mistrial’


    CNN anchor Don Lemon on Thursday during the handoff from Chris Cuomo said that Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder's behavior during the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is grounds for a “mistrial.”

    Lemon said, “Can we talk about the judge?”

    He continued, “I have been sitting back watching as a layperson, just kind of watching this, watching this, watching this. I think the legal analysts because they are legal analysts and want to keep their composure, and they pay deference to the judge. He's ridiculous. His antics are absolutely ridiculous. And today, Chris, saying that someone who writes for a biased publication who has been favorable to Kyle Rittenhouse, who has spoken out against Black Lives Matter, that that should not be brought in so the jurors can't make up their owns minds about what is bias and what is not and what is relevant and what is not.”

    He added, “For me — I don't think it works that way legally — but that's cause for mistrial. What are you doing? This guy may be legally he is right about things. I've been listening to the legal folks, but certainly his demeanor, the way he speaks to the prosecution, the way he looks at Kyle Rittenhouse like he's his grandson, I mean come on America.”

    Lemon concluded, “I hear right-wing pundits make him out to be this choirboy like he is some sort of a hero. OK, he is a young kid. He misguided. I'll give him that. Maybe he was defending his life. I'll give him that. But to go across state lines with an illegal AR-15 weapon and insert himself into a situation that has nothing to do with him, and you are going to make him a hero? That's outside the courtroom. That is public opinion. But in the courtroom, how can anybody say the judge is not biased and leaning in a certain direction.”

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