CNN’s Dr. Reiner Claims the Lack of Transparency Means They’re Not Able to Confirm if Fetterman Will Recover


    On “CNN Tonight” Wednesday, CNN Medical Analyst, Interventional Cardiologist, and professor of Medicine and Surgery at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences Dr. Jonathan Reiner stated that “it's very difficult to know” how much U.S. Senate candidate and Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D) will recover due to the insufficient transparency from the campaign for his seat. He continued by saying, “We don't really know how much Mr. Fetterman has actually recovered.”

    Host Jake Tapper asked,“Do you think that, like in a year from now, this will all be in the rearview mirror if he does the work he needs to do?”

    Reiner said, “It’s hard to know. And part of the problem is that the campaign was opaque at the very beginning. They didn’t really disclose the degree of his illness. We don’t really know how sick he was. If we — in fact, his treating physicians were never made available to the press or the public, so we don’t really know how much Mr. Fetterman has actually recovered.”

    Reiner said, “So, he might have had a massive event, and if people who had seen him originally might now say, oh, my God, he looks remarkably better, and I bet he does, but not knowing how far he’s come, it’s very difficult to know how far he can go. And it would be good for the people who care for him to be made available to the press. There is no sin in having a stroke. There’s a lot of honor in the dogged determination that it takes to recover, and I admire that. What I don’t admire is the way sort of the campaign has handled the disclosure of his illness.”


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