CNN’s Sellers: Trump’s Racism Exposed the ‘Ignorance’ of the American People


    CNN, network political commentator Bakari Sellers said Monday on his show “Don Lemon Tonight” that former President Donald Trump's use of racism as a political currency exposed the “ignorance” of the American people.

    Sellers said, “One of the things that Donald Trump used brilliantly if you are talking about political strategy is the same vein that people like Lee Atwater taped into with the Southern Strategy, which is that he learned to use racism as a political currency. Take away the fact that Donald Trump is a racist. Let's talk about using racism as a political currency. He realized that it can move voters. When you talk about browning of America, when you talk about things like this fear or this angst that some people have that all of a sudden they're going to be replaced by black folks in the workforce and throughout culture, whatever it may be, you utilize that to drive them to the post and get the results you want. ”

    He continued, “You begin to see the ignorant just come forth when he becomes to use these racist tropes.”

    Sellers added, “One of the things I thought was a benefit of Donald Trump getting elected was this country is finally having a discussion of race and racism. I had no idea that the discussion is going to be rooted in so much ignorance. I guess I should have known.”

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