Colorado Democrats Open Public Benefits to Illegal Immigrants–Taxpayers Billed Millions


    In a legislative package that was signed in 2021, Polis and Democrats have granted more benefits to the public, including dental insurance, family services, and business permits, and professional licenses for the state's more than 300,000 illegal immigrants.

    In the same way, Polis and Democrats are making sure that illegal aliens are now eligible for taxpayer-funded assistance for property taxes, rental expenses, and utility bills. That expansion will cost taxpayers approximately 12 million dollars each year.

    The initiative is a result of the fact that President Joe Biden’s administration has given the green light to a plan by Colorado Democrats to give subsidized health insurance to illegal immigrants. Colorado officials hope to enroll around 10,000 illegal aliens in the health insurance plan in the first year and more enrollees each year after.

    In the same way, Polis has signed legislation into law that makes pregnant illegal immigrants and their kids eligible for Medicaid beginning in 2025. This legislation will cost taxpayers around $30 million annually while the federal government will be paying a majority of the cost.

    The rapid growth of Colorado through attracting illegal immigrants to the state is similar to moves by states such as California, Illinois, and New York, where illegal immigrants are granted drivers' licenses, health insurance, protection from deportation, and other advantages.


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