Common Sense Debunks Gas Stove Madness


    A bit of common sense and experience can debunk the left and the media's most recent “fashionable” hysteria: the gas stove threat.

    Democrats are coming after our children and our guns, our pick-up trucks, and even our gas stoves. By promoting hoaxes regarding Climate Change, gun violence, racism, and health, the goal of the left is simple: central authority, total control. By destroying gas-powered appliances, we're all plugged into the grid of electricity. We've witnessed in Blue America where that madness is headed, where they even control thermostats.

    In the beginning of the 19th century, and right to the time Edison created the light bulb, many homes were lit by natural gas through gas lamps. Consider how much gas was being burned and how long until the time of Edison. It's evening when you turn on the natural gas light bulbs. The result: hours and hours every night, decade after decade, of gas burning in your house. 100 years of this and nobody spoke of cognition or asthma.

    In one apartment building, every tiny apartment, which was probably 350 square feet, was equipped with natural gas that was burning throughout the day. The stoves included three light pilots. There was one for each set of stovetop burners, along with one light for the oven (which was difficult to illuminate). Each year, in that tiny space, natural gas was burned. 

    In homes across the country, natural gas was burned continuously in furnaces, gas dryers as well as water heaters and even stoves. All of these appliances included pilot lights. This means you could be talking about six or five pilot lights that were burning continuously in a home. 

    If you do not own an old appliance, the gas appliance you have is equipped with electronic ignition. This amazing advancement eliminates the requirement for the pilot light. Electronic ignitions can be life-saving. In the past, in the event that the pilot light went out, it could lead to a dangerous gas leak inside your house. This risk is no longer present.

    Anyone who has been around for a while is aware of how ridiculous this current hype is. In just a few years, we've changed from burning natural gas throughout the day in homes through the use of pilot lights, to natural gas that only burns when appliances are operating. Furthermore, most gas appliances vent in some manner, which means there aren't any fumes in the least.

    So, the little bit of natural gas you burn in your home now, this is going to be harmful to your child? If it were so, then kids would be flying high fifty years ago, due to being literally in the midst of a dozen unavoidable pilot lights.

    The left is counting on us to do three things: 1.) ignore the past 2.) acknowledge “the science” without question and 3.) make use of the latest fright as a way to hype our moral egos to the max. That's right, be a lemming with every new Trend: Fly your Ukraine flag with pride as you pull out your gas meter while wearing masks.

    Another thing to note is that there's less gas being burned in homes than at any time in history, and yet we're getting more and more dumb.

    Doesn't this alone disprove this absurd hyperbole?


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