Connecticut Police Kept Busy Rescuing Unlucky Seafarers


    On the weekend, Connecticut police rescued two from a sinking boat and three from a canoe. The rescue on Saturday occurred after police from the Norwalk Police Department (NPD) responded to the sinking of a 48-foot vessel located between Raton Point and Greens Ledge in the area, the NPD announced in a Facebook post. Two of the passengers evacuated from the boat and hopped onto a passing boat prior to being brought back onto shore by the NPD Marine Unit. The ship sank to a depth of 20 feet, and the boat-towing firm, Sea Tow, was “working to recover the vessel,” the NPD reported.

    Norwalk Fire Department Lt. Scott Rywalt told News 12 Connecticut that “all of the sudden, it started taking on water, and there was black smoke” prior to the boat finally sinking.

    “A lousy way to start your boating season with an incident like that,” the captain said.

    The following day, the same NPD marine team was again at work and rescued three people from a canoe that capsized near Calf Pasture Beach after helping a local non-profit clean up on Sheffield Island. The three occupants of the canoe were hurt, and the boat sank.

    Rywalt said on News 12 that people with very little or no experience with boating are advised to complete a “safe boating course” before taking a boat out on the water. He also urged those who are planning to canoe but aren't experienced to go out to sea with someone who has learned the ropes.


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