Connecticut Will Soon be an Abortion Safe Haven


    The Connecticut Senate approved the bill with an overwhelming vote of 25-9, just a few days after the bill had passed the state House. The bill will now go to the Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont for his signature, which he has said he will provide.

    The bill in Connecticut is a response to conservative state lawmakers in states such as Texas and Missouri seeking to impose additional limitations on the use of abortion.

    “We will be a place of refuge for a lot of people,” State Sen. Anwar said.

    Furthermore, many legal experts anticipate for the U.S. Supreme Court to reduce or repeal the historic case in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal.

    Anyone who is sued under a state's restrictive abortion law will be granted greater rights under the Connecticut law. For instance, a Missouri state Republican introduced a law that allows Missouri people to bring lawsuits against anyone who is not from the state who assists a Missouri resident in obtaining an abortion.

    The Connecticut bill would allow anyone who is a Connecticut resident and is sued under an abortion law outside of the state to counter-suit for damages as well as attorneys' fees and other expenses. The bill will also safeguard the rights of those who are summoned or subpoenaed in non-state court cases involving abortions that are legal in Connecticut.

    Connecticut authorities will also be hindered from assisting a different state's investigation into Connecticut's legal abortion practices.

    The Connecticut bill also gives individuals other than doctors the ability to conduct abortions. Registered nurses with advanced practice as well as nurse-midwives and physician's assistants are allowed to perform abortions within twelve weeks of pregnancy.

    The Family Institute of Connecticut called the Connecticut legislature on its behalf for creating an “safe harbor” for “abortion providers who violate abortion laws in other states.”


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