Contentions That Trump Stormed Out of Piers Morgan Interview Proved Fake News by Full Video


    “Piers Morgan screened the second part of his interview with Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that the former president did not storm out,” The Independent reported.

    The controversy erupted last week after Piers Morgan released a heavily edited teaser announcing a scheduled interview with the former president on his program Piers Morgan Uncensored, in which it was reported that Trump left the stage when asked about the fake 2020 election. Audio that was released to Breitbart News revealed later that Trump stayed on throughout the interview and also left the set on good terms. According to the report, Trump spent more than one hour in conversation with Morgan, and the manner in which the promo clips piece together the “Morgan Versus Trump” moments to advertise the interview to air Monday night was a bit deceitful. Many of the moments had nothing to do with the issue of the election in any way, and the complete audio of the final segment of the interview reveals that Trump was standing up, walking away, before telling Morgan to “turn the camera off,” which occurred shortly after Morgan concluded the interview and thanked Trump for the “great interview.”

    In the end, they were caught red-handed. Piers Morgan later retracted his original edit, claiming it accurately captured the contentious incident between them. Morgan told Fox News, “In the end I thanked him, and then I gave him a handshake, and he shook mine, which is absolutely true. However, he jumped up and yelled towards our cameras. ‘Turn off the camera.' And then he walked away. When he left, he murmured loudly. We have this on film. Dishonest. So dishonest. About me. And I thought it was rude and unprofessional. I thought that could be a sign of a walkout.”

    In the interview, which had aired the previous day, Morgan once again defended the first teaser, placing the blame on Trump’s communications director, Taylor Budowich, for often appearing “angry” and combative. “You did leave, pretty angrily. It certainly wasn't a happy ending,” Morgan stated.

    According to Deadline, Trump's interview with Piers Morgan did well in Britain, with an average of “300,000 viewers across 8 pm last night in the UK, tripling the competition from BBC News and Sky News and pulling in 10 times the viewers of GB News… The ratings don't include viewers who tuned in to the U.S. and Australia simulcast via Fox Nation and Sky News Australia,” Deadline added.


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