Convicted Illegal Alien Serial Killer Indicted for Four Murders


    Convicted Illegal Alien Serial Killer Indicted for Four Murders 

    Billy Chemirmir, 48, an illegal alien, was found guilty in 2012 of the murders of 25 senior Americans.

    Chemirmir was found guilty in April for the murder Lu Thi Harris, 81 one of his victims who was elderly. Chemirmir was accused of killing the victims and then taking their possessions and selling them on the internet.

    Today, Chemirmir has been charged for murder by Collin County prosecutors for four of the murders. The victims of the murder indictments are 90-year old Marilyn Bixler, 79-year-old Diane Delahunty, 93-year-old Mamie Miya, and 82-year-old Helen Lee.

    Lee was not named previously in the investigation.

    “These indictments should serve as a reminder for anyone who has been a victim of violence that their case must be investigated and prosecuted. Collin County law enforcement and prosecutor's offices will work daily to make violent offenders accountable,” Greg Willis, Collin County District Attorney, said in an announcement.

    Angel Families issued a statement which reads:

    The loved ones of Marilyn Bixler, Diane Delahunty, Helen Lee, and Mamie Miya are incredibly grateful to learn of the four more charges of capital murder. The indictments represent another step towards holding Billy Chemirmir accountable for the entire scope of his horrific crimes. We'd like to express our gratitude to the police and prosecutors for listening to us and for their tireless efforts to ensure that justice is served to all victims and the loved ones of their victims.

    Collin County previously indicted Chemirmir on five counts of capital murder and the attempted killing of two people. The case is still waiting to be resolved. Chemirmir is scheduled to be tried in October.

    Chemirmir was found guilty in April following a trial for murder in Dallas County that had been declared an inconclusive trial. According to the jury report, one juror of the jury of 12 was the reason they were “hopelessly deadlocked.”

    Harris isn't the sole victim. Chemirmir was also connected to another 24 victims:

    83-year-old Leah Corken

    82-year-old Juanita Purdy

    88-year-old Mary Brooks

    84-year-old Minnie Campbell

    82-year-old Ann Conklin

    75-year-old Rosemary Curtis

    85-year-old Norma French

    92-year old Doris Gleason

    81-year-old Carolyn MacPhee

    81-year-old Miriam Nelson

    91-year-old Phyllis Payne

    94-year-old Phoebe Perry

    80-year-old Martha Williams

    82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz

    87-year-old Glenna Day

    89-year-old Solomon Spring

    90-year-old Doris waterman

    86-year-old Margaret White

    79-year-old Diana Delahunty

    A 93-year old Mamie Dell Miya

    86-year-old Catherine Probst Sinclair

    90-year-old Marilyn Bixler

    81-year old “Jane Doe”

    82-year-old Helen Lee

    Following the time that Chemirmir was detained in May of 2019, Breitbart News reported exclusively that Chemirmir was a Kenyan citizen who entered the U.S. in July 2003 with a tourist visa. Chemirmir was scheduled to stay in the U.S. for only a short time but ended up staying beyond his visa and was declared an illegal immigrant who was able to be removed.

    Chemirmir has an expired United States visa. (Photo by Dallas County District Court).

    Chemirmir Kenyan's passport documentation. (Photo from Dallas County District Court).

    Chemirmir wasn't deported, which would have rendered him ineligible for any legally-based status within the U.S. He was granted the green card in November 2007.

    We learned that Chemirmir also had a criminal background including the conviction of drunk driving, the trespassing offense, as well as assault and obstruction of a police officer.

    Chemirmir represents the epitome of a psychopath who is truly evil, and I think there's an exclusive hell that is filled with the worst suffering that is possible for someone like Chemirmir. If Biden could have done something to address the issue of illegal immigrants in the United States, the situation could not have occurred, but he's too busy raking in rewards from the increase in prices of everything to fret about a criminal killing old people who are unable to defend themselves.


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