Cornyn Supports Dangerous Education Reform Bill


    Cornyn's insanity was reported on Twitter on Sunday in the wake of an article by the renowned writer and conservative Stanley Kurtz:

    Kurtz has written an article entitled “Bogus ‘Civics' Bill Will Push CRT on States,” in the National Review in which he noted that despite the positive intent behind “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA) which was passed in the year 2000, it granted federal officials the power to dictate left-wing ideas by using millions of dollars in federal funds to convince states to implement a certain curriculum. Kurtz said it was similar to Common Core, which began with conservative support, but then was misused by the left to enforce its radical views.

    Kurtz warned:

    It's irrelevant that federal law as well as the bill in itself deny the authority to enforce a formal program on states. The strings Biden's bureaucrats attach to the massive federal grants are enough to convince states to adopt CRT. The left-leaning bureaucrats that run education departments in red states have already favored CRT (those bureaucrats will create the grant proposals and split the funds). Additionally, Biden already signaled his intent of prioritizing applications which offer CRT.

    If CSDA becomes law this summer, as its supporters hope for, the possibility of a Republican win in the midterms could come too late to halt the federal enactment of CRT. What happens if voters learn just a few months prior to the midterm elections that Republicans have lied to them with federal powers to impose CRT on states? It is a fact that the Civics Secures Democracy Act is the epitomize of political suicide and education all combined into one.

    In a prior report, Kurtz noted that Cornyn initially tried to defend his bill against criticisms that first surfaced. The issue, Kurtz wrote, was that because the bill's language was formal against the establishment of a federally-approved civics education curriculum, left-wing activists were able to continue to do it: “The danger that I and others have long warned of in both Common Core and the present case is that of a de facto national curriculum, not a legally literal one.”

    Kurtz has been writing about the issues for years. In 2012 within his book Spreading the Wealth: The Way Obama is Rifling the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, Kurtz warned that the then-President Barack Obama intended to use federal policy to cut down on the self-government of suburbs and transfer resources away from the suburbs to the failing cities that many residents had fled.

    In that instance, too, as noted at the time, Kurtz warned about the negative consequences of having too much power on the Federal Government.

    Utilizing the phrase “Russian disinformation” to dismiss legitimate criticism has become an eminent tactic employed by the left over the last few years. The most famously used tactic was to discredit the authenticity of the laptop recovered by Hunter Biden.

    This past weekend Senator Cornyn was booed at the state convention of the Republican Party over his support for bipartisan measures to control guns in the wake of the massacre that occurred in Uvalde, Texas. They include “red flag” laws that permit guns to be removed from those who pose a risk to themselves and other people. Some critics suggest that these laws may be used to sway opposition politicians — for example, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and others have suggested that guns belonging to critics be confiscated.


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