Russia’s war and the failed Iran Nuclear Deal


    On Fox News Channel's Sunday Night in America, Sen. Tom Cotton (R.A.) compared the “failed Iran nuke deal” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Cotton claims that President Joe Biden has been “relying on Vladimir Putin as his lawyer” during negotiations to rekindle the agreement that former President Donald Trump walked out of.

    Cotton stated that the failed Iran nuclear agreement is closely linked to Russia's war against Ukraine. It would make Iran a nuclear-tightening state and give them billions to continue their terror in the Middle East. This includes what they do as well as shooting missiles at Erbil (one of the largest cities of northern Iraq), through their proxy forces, as well as attacking American soldiers' bases or cities in the United Arab Emirates.

    He concluded that Joe Biden might be wise to stop negotiating and hold the worst state sponsor of terror in the world accountable.


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