Crenshaw Issues Apology for Calling Colleagues Terrorists


    Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said Sunday on CNN's “State of the Union” that he is sorry for calling colleagues “terrorists” during the heated negotiations for Kevin McCarthy's Speakership.

    In a Fox News Radio interview, Crenshaw declared, “Those of us who oppose this, are standing for principles. They're standing for fame. They're in the fight for that additional news because no one really cares about them. They're irritated with that and need that additional news, and we aren't able to let them in because they'll continue to be the ones to run the conference. And they'll receive another scalp after another scalp, no matter the case of Boehner or Paul Ryan or McCarthy. Scalise is likely to be next, and we are aware of it. We can't let that occur. We are saying “Look, you've pushed us into this trap. We're declaring that we will not choose anyone else but McCarthy. We're saying this since we can't let the terrorists prevail. It's what's going on. It's true that I have to leave.”

    Crenshaw stated “You have opened up about the terrorist remarks. I'm going to take that issue to the next level.”

    Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Please.”

    Crenshaw stated, “Things get heated, and people say things. Naturally, for those who were offended by this it's evident that it was intended as a way of expressing a phrase.”

    Tapper stated, “A metaphor.”

    Crenshaw declared, “It is in the context of intransigent negotiations.”

    Crenshaw added, “I've got thick skin. I'm referred to as horrible, disgusting things by the same faction of the party that I was fighting this moment. Therefore, I was shocked by the severity of the issue. To the extent I have friends who were offended by the incident I am sincerely sorry to them. It isn't my intention to cause them to believe that I am actually adamant about them being terrorists. It's definitely a twist on the phrase you can employ in a negotiation that is intransigent.”


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