Cruz Accuses Biden of Putting Supreme Court Justices at Risk


    Sunday, on Fox News Channel, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) condemned the Biden White House for refusing to “condemn” the violent protesters who were threatening U.S. Supreme Court justices and their families due to the leak of the draft ruling that overturned 1973's Roe v. Wade precedent.

    Cruz said on the show “Sunday Morning Futures” that left-wing groups are trying to persuade justices to alter their voting habits and said that the White House not condemning the violence is “shameful.” He said president Joe Biden was “literally threatening the lives of these justices.”

    “We have got left-wing groups now that have published the addresses of justices,” Cruz said. “The purpose of this leak was to intimidate justices to change their vote. And I have to say that during this time, it's dishonest to see the White House refuse to condemn violent protesters who aimed attacks at family members of justices of the Supreme Court.”

    “It is disgraceful,” he added. “And Joe Biden used to be chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Joe Biden knows it's disgraceful. He's literally threatening the lives of these justices by the mob they're unleashing. It's the same thing we saw with Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, where the left embraced them. And now they're embracing mob violence to get their partisan outcome.”


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