Cuomo Has Heated Debate with Kanye


    The rapper Ye, formerly known under the alias Kanye West, gave an explosive interview with Chris Cuomo Monday on NewsNation's “Cuomo.”

    Ye stated, “Instagram, you know it was purchased from Mark Zuckerberg, who, according to what I've observed, has a political agenda. Therefore, users are using their technology to block any messages they do not agree with.”

    Cuomo stated, “Couldn't it also be that you have said things that offend the community guidelines, like anti-Semitic comments and things that are seen as insensitive and potentially threatening to communities that we try to protect?”

    Ye declared, “I don't like the word anti-Semitic. It's a term that has permitted people especially in my profession to go about doing murder, sometimes literally, you've heard it all before and to get free of robbing and doing horrible things to others. Everyone always says ‘Oh, I was screwed by the deal. It would surprise people if I stated ’Hey, an executive in the music industry screwed an individual on an agreement. Does that sound regular or normal in your opinion?’”

    Cuomo stated, “Doesn't have anything to do with being anti-Semitic unless you believe that all record producers are Jewish or, you know, it's when you talk about Jewish people specifically as targeting them.”

    Ye declared, “One thing is black people are Jewish. I am classified as Jewish and therefore, I shouldn't be considered anti-Semitic. The term “anti-Semitism” is not true.”

    Cuomo stated, “I understand you think that, but I don't think that's a common understanding that says black people can say whatever they want about Jewish people.”

    Ye replied, “Think about this, let's just say women can have one bad guy in her life who could make her hate men. Let her have two and let her take on three more, and let them have four. It's more than 10 times, however I've been hurt or business was done to me within the past two years within the last two years only. And now calls on the Jewish community in general.”

    He added, “When I wore the White Lives Matter t-shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia already started attacking me.”

    Cuomo declared, “So look there is no Jewish mafia of the media cabal. It's or was a figment of your imagination, or an expression of prejudice. Okay. There's a chance that you've had negative business relationships with some individuals. It's not about the people. It's not about the religion of the faith. And I am sure that you're smart enough and realize that when you target someone for their beliefs others may be doing the same. They've been targeted in the past. They've been killed and abused due to what they believe in and the person they identify as. Therefore, we shouldn't allow that to happen.”


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