Dan Rather Stated “Airplanes Will be Full of Supplies, Not Stunts” Regarding Federal Aid to Florida


    Dan Rather, the disgraced former CBS reporter, increased the politicization of Hurricane Ian pummeling Florida by referencing the flights of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

    This month, leftists along with their media allies were in a frenzy over Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sending a plane of 50 people to the lavish liberal community in Martha's Vineyard, saying he was using human beings as pawns in a “political stunt.” As the threatening Hurricane Ian neared Florida's shores, Rather took advantage of the situation to boast about the good qualities of the federal government as opposed to DeSantis's “stunt” that he pulled.

    “When the hurricane hits Florida, federal aid will flow into help — paid for by tax dollars from Americans across the country. Airplanes will be full of supplies, not stunts,” he wrote on Twitter. “There will be no ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Because this is how America should act, and most Americans know it.”

    Fans of Rather applauded his statement and even went a step further by claiming that Florida should not be receiving any federal assistance at all.

    “Unpopular opinion: Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe Florida needs to pull itself up by its bootstraps. Maybe Florida should stop asking for handouts. Maybe Florida should just stop being in places where it’s exposed to such weather… Or, maybe Florida could stop electing DeSantis,” tweeted one user.

    “And those tax dollars come from everyone in the US. And we don’t sit there and say ‘Why should a tax payer in CA pay for someone in FL?’ Yet many in FL said that about helping people with college debt,” responded another.

    The politicization of the storm by Rather comes after a Politico article that appeared almost happy regarding the potential harm Hurricane Ian could do to Ron DeSantis's political goals.

    “The hurricane is on track to make landfall in the state just six weeks ahead of the November elections and, depending on how well the governor responds to the potentially catastrophic storm, DeSantis may emerge more popular or open himself up to criticism,” Matt Dixon wrote.


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