Death Toll Increases to 25 for Eastern Kentucky Flooding


    The deaths were confirmed across five counties, including “four in Breathitt County; two in Clay County; 14 in Knott County (10 adults and four children); two in Letcher County; and three in Perry County,” the office of the governor said. Beshear stated in his press conference that the death count “is likely to increase.”

    The eastern part of Kentucky has seen as much as ten and half inches of rainfall over 48 hours prior to Friday according to the Associated Press (AP) report. Governor Scott noted that rain ended as of Saturday, and that the area will remain dry until the afternoon on Sunday.

    Counties located below those on the Mountain Parkway road could receive up to an inch, or even two inches of rainfall until Monday, according to Beshear.

    “We continue to pray for the families who have suffered unfathomable loss,” Beshear declared. “We are also praying for first-responders. The mission is particularly challenging and the stress they're feeling directly is extremely demanding and challenging. We want to thank everyone who is involved for their unwavering efforts.”

    Since the floods began in the middle of this week, the first emergency responders of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia have rescued at around 1,432 people, as of Saturday.

    More than 18,000 people are in darkness, as those who live in Breathitt, Knott, Letcher, and Perry counties might not be able to get electricity until next week.

    The Biden administration has declared a federal emergency to allow relief funds to be earmarked for areas affected by flooding, as per The Associated Press (AP).

    Within Hazard, Kentucky, located in the southeast of Kentucky, seven of nine bridges have been declared “impassable,” CNN reported. A Baptist church located in the city was also destroyed.

    A 17-year-old girl from Whitesburg, Kentucky, woke up on the next morning to see flood waters entering her house, prompting her to look for her dog and wade through the freezing waters, then wait on the rooftop for 5 hours until her cousin was able to rescue them using the help of a kayak, CNN reported.

    The flood has extended into the southwestern West Virginia and western Virginia, prompting Gov. Jim Justice (R) and Governor. Glenn Youngkin (R) to declare a state of emergency within their states of residence, AP noted.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said in a statement issued on Friday that:

    My heart breaks for Kentucky families grieving losses of their beloved ones, as the flooding continues. Thanks to all the first responders who are working to avoid any further tragedies. I'm keeping track of this and am working with federal, state, and municipal officials in order to help as best we can.

    Senator. Rand Paul (R-KY) posted on Twitter on Thursday that “If you are a Kentuckian in need of assistance with federal agencies following the devastating flooding in Eastern Kentucky, you can contact my office.” The senator added the fact that he is “[p]raying for all those affected.”


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