Dem Rep. Elissa Slotkin Sharply Criticizes GOP Senator Tom Barrett But Won’t Say at What Age She Believes a Child Can Have Sex-Change Surgery


    Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI) is reportedly avoiding stating when she believes it is acceptable for children to undergo sex-change surgery. In April, her opponent, Republican state Senator Tom Barrett, sent a money-raising appeal regarding unacceptable children’s sexuality issues to get people to donate to his campaign. The senator asked for donations to prevent President Joe Biden from educating children as young as five years old about gender-reassignment procedures and gender identity as well as other controversial ideas, as reported by Michigan Advance.

    An SMS message was also sent out to attract people to donate to his campaign. The text message stated that an appointment was scheduled for “Your Child” to receive “Gender Reassignment Surgery,” which permits the parent to sign his or her name “if you would like to CANCEL this appointment because you do not believe in teaching young children about dangerous transgender ideologies.”

    The Democrat Representative took to Twitter to respond with a rant against Barrett, stating, “We should all agree to keep our kids out of nasty political tactics and fundraising. Let's call these tactics what they are: cynical attempts to dial up hate and division in order to raise money.”

    But when the Daily Caller asked her campaign what the congresswoman considers to be an “appropriate” age for a child to undergo sex-change procedures, it didn't respond.

    In a video published to YouTube by the Republican’s campaign, Slotkin is seen reading a book called I Am Jazz that helps children learn to “identify.” The book’s description on Amazon reads: “The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere.” The suggested reading age range is from four to eight years old and includes grades from preschool through third grade.

    Barrett's campaign's spokesperson, Jason Roe, said, “Slotkin has become an advocate for transgenderism to children ages 4-8, but has yet to take a public position on what age she supports gender reassignment surgery.” He added, “The Biden administration has taken a position in support, and HHS Secretary Becerra has testified before Congress affirming his support for taxpayer funding for gender reassignment surgery for minors.”


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