Dem Senator Murphy: China’s ‘Strong hand’ is causing Biden to ‘Step back’


    Senator Chris Murphy (D.CT) stated Monday that President Joe Biden had been such a “strong player” during the Russian invasion in Ukraine, it has caused China to “step back.”

    Hayes stated, “How do you see the developments today?Jake Sullivan, seven-hour meeting, the U.S. being quite vocal about his concerns about China, and China aligning with Russia. How do you assess this?

    Murphy stated, “I think that a lot of people scratched their heads in the early stages of this conflict, in those weeks leading up to it, and asking why President Biden wasn't acting unilaterally with Europe.” First, because he believes it would be the strongest reaction to Russia's economic sanctions together. Because President Biden is an experienced man who knows that the Chinese won't listen if you speak only for your country, but they are open to multilateral consequences.”

    He said, “So we are able to take a strong posture with China right now. Because if they decide to make a military deal with Russia to resupply the troops that they lost on the battlefields, it's not the United States who's going to pay consequences to China. It's the United States, and an unprecedented array of allies that the president has put in place. These are harsh words for China. However, this president, Donald J. Biden, is playing a strong hand right now. The Chinese have to reevaluate whether it is in their best interests to remain allied with Russia during this increasingly devastating invasion.


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