Democrat Midterm Campaign Chief Maloney: ‘The problem is not the voters…the problem is us.’


    Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), stated that while everyone may say it, the problem isn't the voters. Maloney stated that “The problem is not the voters… The conference weekend was meant to foster unity.

    They think we are too divided and too focused on cultural issues. They believe that we are too preachy. He said that they think we behave like we are better than parents in regards to their children's education.” Democrats are beginning to realize that their chances of holding onto the majority in the midterms is not good.

    This is despite the fact that the Democrats have had problems with messaging at a national level for over a year. Breitbart News has reported on issues within the Democrat Party including midterm strategies and defunding police, infrastructure, Cuba, as well as wanting to see change in the White House. Maloney has had issues with messaging regarding rising gasoline prices, fundraising concerns and even attacking party members who are most vulnerable. The DCCC also included factual errors in their Kyle Rittenhouse response .

    Maloney and his party want to “embrace Biden’s style” and focus on President Joe Biden, according to the Post. This despite the fact that Biden's poll numbers have been plummeting in the last year. However, not all members agree with Maloney's assessment of “Biden’s style”.

    Maloney stated that the president is “that person that in many ways we need to be,” about his interaction with voters. “If there is a child with a stutter, the President's gonna jump all over him. Joe Biden will wrap his arms around a cop or firefighter who has had a difficult time.

    The most vulnerable Democrats seem to have tried to distance themselves from Biden. The Post reported that many of them didn't attend the retreat meant to help them. This sends the message that they trust themselves more than national party operatives or Maloney.

    While this was going on, Max Rose, a former New York Democrat Representative, criticized the DCCC program that is supposed to help him win better elections. Breitbart News reported last Wednesday.

    “Now, it's not going to be a win for national Democrats. Rose stated that they can only lose it. Rose said, “Time and time again they enter this race with high-powered consultants who have no idea of what's happening.”


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