Democrat Mark Kelly Lambasted By Republican Senate Campaign Group in English and Spanish TV Ads


    Kelly has tried to persuade more moderate Arizona voters when it comes to border policies in the midterm elections in order to distinguish him from Biden. Both NRSC ads emphasize that Kelly's Arizona senator's record of voting regarding the border and illegal immigration is aligned with the Biden Administration's agenda for legislative reform.

    Kelly has voted for Biden-backed legislation 97 percent of the time since joining the Senate in 2021. The Biden-backed legislation is the subject of both ads.

    The English advertisement highlights “how Kelly has voted to fuel the current crisis at the Southern Border: funding sanctuary cities, sending taxpayer-funded checks to illegal immigrants, and against a border wall,” the NRSC stated on Thursday. The campaign's name is “Against Arizona” and is part of the NRSC's “seven-figure ad buy” that will begin airing across the state on Monday.

    The ad also attacks Kelly for his vote against a bill to fund the government in August last year, which would have created “a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to ensuring that the Department of Homeland Security” is empowered to deport anyone it considers needed on Title 42 grounds.

    Kelly has recently joined other at-risk Senate Democrats in speaking out on his opposition to the Biden administration's proposal to rescind Title 42. Kelly's stance is different from the Biden administration's position and comes at a time when the president's poll numbers have been found to be “dangerously low” in the Grand Canyon state, according to Politico.

    The Spanish advert differs slightly in that it focuses on Kelly regarding the current inflation crisis by highlighting Arizona's increasing price of food and gas that an Axios-Ipsos survey revealed were the biggest concern among 34 percent Hispanic voters.

    The NRSC released the $250,000 10-day campaign to smear Kelly on Friday. The commercial will air on “network and cable Spanish-language television in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma areas,” according to Axios.

    A Wall Street Journal survey, in March, found that Republicans have a lead over Democrats by nine points in the poll for Hispanic voters, suggesting that the purchase of ads in Spanish can help boost GOP popularity within the Hispanic community in Arizona.

    Kelly is well-funded going into the midterms in November. Breitbart News recently reported that the “Democrat incumbent has raised over more than $61.5 million in the first three months of the year.”

    Kelly is also expected to be carrying “well over $100 million in his war chest by November,” according to an official from Blake Masters' campaign. Blake Masters is a frontrunner in the U.S. Senate Arizona Republican primary field. But, Masters himself has proven to be an effective fundraiser, collecting the sum of $1,168,145 on his own contributions in the first 3 months of this year, which is far higher than all of his Republican primary rivals.


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