Democrat New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell in Danger of Recall


    The petition was submitted in the name of Eileen Carter and Beldon “Noonie Man” Batiste on Friday, in Baton Rouge and was confirmed by the Louisiana Secretary of State's office.

    Batiste is an activist from the local area who was a candidate for the seat of Cantrell for the city's mayoral elections as Carter was previously known to be employed as the social media manager of New Orleans.

    Batiste, as well as Carter's, formal justification in launching the petition, as stated on the “Reason/s for Recall” space was that of Cantrell's “Failure to put New Orleans first and execute the responsibilities of the position.”

    Within the first 180 days of submitting the petition, the organizers must gather signatures from 20% of voters eligible to vote, according to the Secretary of State's office. Given that the Orleans parish is home to approximately 266,714 registered voters, organizers must present about 53,000 signatures to allow recall elections to be held.

    Responding to the recall petition, an official from the office of the mayor said according to WDSU:

    The mayor works all hours of the day, 7 days a week, to resolve the city's problems. It doesn't matter if it's sanitation, public safety or development. The mayor is concerned about each person living in the city, and is a force that is working to make the city better. This is a city of world class and we're determined to continue striving for making it the most perfect possible. This is what she will keep doing.

    Cantrell is able to appeal the petition, if signatures are collected successfully.

    The Democrat Mayor is in review for a variety of errors and scandals as the city's crime rate increases, according to

    In the midst of those errors, Cantrell, on the 18th of August, appeared unannounced at the sentencing hearing of a minor convicted of armed robbery, in order to show support to the victim's family. The victim's mother was irritated by the mayor's apparent favoritism to the judge. She said, “The mayor and judge gave us and my daughter the proverbial slap in the face.”

    Cantrell is also in the middle of an unsolved trip scandal due to her use of taxpayer money to cover the cost of an all-day trip in France, WDSU reported. The mayor defended her costly trip by saying that “I have a responsibility to grow our economy and culture.”

    A study published in July has revealed that the murder rate in New Orleans is among the lowest of America's 50 biggest cities with 14.8 murders for every 100,000 residents. The research methodology relied on homicide figures in the 2nd quarter 2022 as well as from the last two years.


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