Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne Moves on from Mocking Christians to Wearing a Hijab at an Islamic Center in Iowa


    In September of last year, Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) was caught on video during a live appearance with New York’s extreme left militant organization Markers For Democracy talking about the party's response to the coronavirus pandemic. She made offensive remarks regarding the people she labeled as members of the Christian faith.

    “So now all the schools are back wanting to put mask mandates in, and all of the anti-vaxxer crazies are out there with their–it's a hot mess,” Axne is reported to have said. “I'll be honest, Christian right, everything under the guise while they hold a cross for God or whatever. They use it like a weapon, and it's painful to watch because they've weaponized religion, they've weaponized politics.”

    While Axne described her constituents from the faith-based Christian religion as “anti-vaxxer crazies,” she did not mention that Democrat politicians were seeking to impose restrictions on Americans that “temporarily closed houses of worship,” which resulted in splitting up those who attended churches.

    In the wake of her numerous gaffes and mishaps in the past year, Axne has now determined to make amends for her mistakes and create a positive impact on voters in the lead-up to the midterm elections in November. In the meantime, she wore her hijab in the Iowa Islamic Center. “I visited the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak of Des Moines for an Iftar meal and to meet with members of es-Selam Mosque,” she posted to Facebook as a result of her recent trip. “I left with my arms full of delicious leftovers and a deep sense of pride in the diversity that makes Iowa such a rich community.”

    The liberal congresswoman, one of the most coveted potential targets of Republicans to oust this year, said she was eager for her next trip.


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