Democrats’ Abortion Strategy is Not Resonating with Voters


    “Here we are with leadership basically [reduced] to begging for people to vote,” Aaron Chappell, political director of the group of grassroots Our Revolution, told the publication. “No clear plan, no promises of what those votes will translate to.”

    The issue of abortion laws is being referred to legislatures in the states, Democrats have begun chattering about trying to “codify Roe” or even bring back the Women's Health Protection Act, which would ban local as well as federal officials from stopping abortions at any point in pregnancy. Pro-abortion groups already pour cash into Democrats campaigns and pay for political attacks on pro-life Republicans.

    Democrats have been “hoping to create enough urgency to tilt the turnout numbers in their favor” through the fear mongering of a possible nationwide ban on abortions if Republicans take back their seats in the House as well as the Senate during the November election. But, according the The Hill, some Democrat strategists “question whether that's the right approach.”

    “I think that there is just this wishful thinking on the part of the party establishment that suddenly Roe being overturned is good news, that this changes the tide of the midterms,” Chappell said.

    In a desperate attempt to get the needle moving ahead of a much-anticipated red wave hit, Democrats are again discussing including justices on the Supreme Court. The far-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that “we must hold these rogue justices to account.”

    Democrats are seeking to end the filibuster, which president Joe Biden spoke in support of last week to help codify Roe. Some lawmakers believe Biden's speech was “half-assed,” as he could have been pushing for the end of the filibuster faster.

    “It's just astounding that it took them this long and then when he finally gets to it, when he finally comes around on it, it's a weak announcement at the end of a news week,” an unknown Democratic strategist said. “People are pretty pissed.”

    Sawyer Hackett, a senior communications strategist with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, criticized Democrats as “self-fulfilling defeatism,” in light of the fact that they “control nearly every level of political power.”

    “If we have all of that and we still can't win on issues in that environment, then there are clearly these major structural issues we have to tackle too,” Hackett said.


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