Democrats Change Rules to Challenge GOP to Vote on Insulin Cap


    The idea is to punish Republicans who voted against the bill overall, even though an individual measure on insulin prices was already moving across the Senate.

    Notably, during the first week of his presidency, President Joe Biden voided President Donald Trump's executive orders that cap the cost of Epinephrine and insulin. Then, he spent months attacking Congress for failing to lower the price of prescription drugs. (Ironically the prices of prescription drugs have been falling, regardless, in the midst of rising inflation.)

    The “Inflation Reduction Act” would not decrease inflation, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Senator. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the bill was a “fraud”; even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) acknowledged that inflation was not affected.

    Yet, Democrats claim — and the CBO confirms, that the bill will cut deficits by a small amount, which includes increasing taxes on some of them.

    CNN's Manu Raju, quoting Sen. John Thune (R-SD), said that Republicans intend to bring an issue of procedure to protest the insulin-related provisions of the bill. He also noted that the Senate Parliamentarian has already declared that the legislation violates laws that govern the Senate.

    In general, bills must meet the passage of a 60-vote threshold in order to conclude the debate and move to an election in the Senate; however “reconciliation” bills use a special procedure, available only once a year, which permits a simple majority vote as long as the bill follows stipulated guidelines.

    The rules also allow amendments from the opposition. Republicans have proposed a number of amendments which will humiliate Democrats who choose to vote “no,” which they must do to ensure the unity of the political party needed to pass the bill overall.


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