Democrats Claim Speaker Chaos Demonstrates Extremists Are in Charge


    Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA) said on Sunday's CNN show “State of the Union” that the 15 votes required to allow Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to become the speaker proved “the keys have been handed over to extremists.”

    Anchor Jake Tapper said, “It was a chaotic week for the House. However, ultimately, Kevin McCarthy is the speaker. Are there areas in which you believe Democrats could work in a way that they can work in conjunction with the Republican majority, a common consensus on the issue of inflation and addressing the humanitarian crisis that is threatening borders?”

    Clark stated, “We have shown, Jake, Democrats stand ready all the time to support our American people. This is precisely what the American population and solutions they require to face the challenges they face that were removed from the speaker's chaos that we witnessed this week. It did not just threaten our national security but also revealed that the keys were given to radicals. On top of their list is a national abortion ban and dismantling Social Security and Medicare. These are the goals they've made public. But we've demonstrated in the past two years, as Democrats are unison and in control and working to protect all of the American people. It doesn't matter if it's building the infrastructure or gun safety, bringing manufacturing back to our shores, cutting health care costs and making sure that we invest into climate-change. These are likely to be our top priorities and we're hoping that certain Republicans are able to take on the task of working for the American people.”


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