Dershowitz Calls Trump Raid Improper


    According to Dershowitz, the raid is the only option of last resort. It is up to the Biden administration to justify the raid or any evidence gathered during the raid could be confiscated.

    “The raid is supposed to be a last resort,” he added. “But it has made use of the power of justice to thwart its political adversaries. It has detained people, denied bail, placed the suspects in handcuffs and employed different methods that aren't usually used in the case of American citizens. I'm just hoping that this operation has a reason to be defended. If it does not have justification, then the evidence taken in it will be seized and destroyed.”

    “This is improper, and this is misconduct,” Dershowitz said. “We need to determine exactly what is going on. We must also ensure that the shoe is a good fit for the other foot. we must ensure that the thing that is happening here is something Democrats would not be opposed to in the event that it was carried out to Democratic agents, too.”


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