Dershowitz, No Fan of Trump, Agrees that Raid was Unjust


    Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, on Sunday, stood up for former President Donald Trump after the FBI confiscated documents from the former commander in chief's Mar-a-Lago residence.

    Dershowitz also said on the Fox the News channel's “MediaBuzz” that he voted against Trump twice and was “looking forward” to doing it again, but he also said that the FBI conducted the “improper search” to obtain documents.

    “Look I've voted against Trump twice. I'm eagerly awaiting having the chance to reject him the third time but I will not violate the Fourth Amendment or the Constitution or the values I've stood up for throughout my life to punish Trump,” Dershowitz outlined. “This was a wrong search. They should have enacted the subpoena. This is exactly the way Merrick Garland stated that the Justice Department generally does their work -using less intrusive methods.”

    “Now, the affidavit, if it's revealed, may indicate reasons why a search warrant had to be effectuated three days after or two and a half days after it was approved, but right now, the burden of proof is heavily on the government to justify this intrusive search,” he continued. “No there's no raid. It's an intrusive search that has been authorized by the court. However, it must be justified, not just under the law but also within the spirit of the Fourth Amendment.”


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