DeSantis Administration Responds to Lawsuit


    Breitbart News reported on Tuesday, the migrants filed a suit against governor Ron DeSantis, claiming they were in violation of the state's Fourth as well as Fourteenth Amendment rights by being misled into taking trips towards the enclave of wealthy liberals.

    The lawsuit, filed by lawyers from the non-governmental groups (NGOs) Alianza Americas and Lawyers for Civil Rights said:

    “The Doe Defendants made promises and false statements that if individual Plaintiffs and others in the class were willing to travel on planes to different States, that they could be provided with accommodation, jobs, education opportunities, and similar assistance upon their arrival.” was the claim in the lawsuit filed by lawyers of the non-governmental groups (NGOs) Alianza Americas and Lawyers for Civil Rights.

    In reality, Defendants had not made any arrangements for housing, employment and educational opportunities or other aid for the Individual Plaintiffs or other class members upon their arrival. The defendants had not even informed any non-profit or government organization that could provide these services that the Plaintiffs as individuals and other class members similarly situated will be arriving.

    The office of Ron DeSantis responded to the lawsuit on Tuesday, stating that the migrants had made an uninvolved trip to Martha's Vineyard and that they received excellent care.

    DeSantis spokeswoman Taryn Fenske said:

    “If these activists had spent just a tiny fraction of their time and effort on the border, perhaps accountability could be brought about to Biden's reckless policies at the border that induce illegal immigrants to take risky and sometimes deadly journeys through Central America and put their lives in the hands of cartels, as well as Coyotes.”

    Fenske even gave the consent form which passengers were required to sign prior taking off on the plane.

    The form is available both in Spanish and English:

    “I agree to indemnify the benefactor or its representatives harmless from any responsibility related to or in connection to any damages or injuries that may arise during the transport agreement to other locations in Texas until the location in Massachusetts.”

    Fenske said she believed that immigrants had been homeless and that activists did not care about the immigrants until they were taken to Martha's Vineyard:

    “The program in Florida gave them a chance to get their lives back on track in a sanctuary state, and those who were eligible took advantage of flights chartered to Massachusetts. It was a disappointment that Martha's Vineyard called in the Massachusetts National Guard to bus off the island within just 48 hours.”

    After the arrival of the migrants at Martha's Vineyard, Democrats began making up the ridiculous claim in which DeSantis “kidnapped” the migrants in order to make them political playthings. Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom even called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to conduct an investigation into potential illegal activities.

    Newsom posted in his journal on Thursday of last week:

    “As with millions of Americans I've been shocked by the images of immigrants being transported by planes and buses across the nation to serve as props for politicians. It is clear that transporting families, even children, across state lines with pretexts that are not true is ethically unjust and could be illegal.”

    “I strongly urge the U.S. Department of Justice (US DOJ) to open an investigation into possible criminal or civil violations of federal law based on this alleged fraudulent scheme,” said the official.

    In a press conference at Martha's Vineyard near the shelter where the migrants were staying, Immigration lawyer Rachel Self also accused DeSantis of “kidnapping” the migrants by taking the migrants to an island on which millionaires go on vacation.


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