Desantis Encourages People to Reject the Left


    “If you're running for the legislature, if you're just a concerned citizen going to a school board meeting, you're going to a public meeting, standing up and speaking the truth and standing for the right things at this moment in time is not cost free,” said the governor at the 2022 Sunshine Summit Victory dinner.

    “Anybody who does this will face resistance,” he claimed using the criticism his administration got from leftist and establishment media at the time of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak as an example. He stated:

    If you're in this scenario and you're dealing with diverse forces trying to make the waters more murky and create an avalanche of lies that blind us all from what's really happening. If you're willing in this situation to get up and speak the truth, they'll strike you, they'll strike you, and they'll take you down.

    The governor has said that it's essential that we be “right” on the issues, however, it isn't enough. It is essential to be courageous of their convictions and stand against the corrupt establishment media, cancel culture, and those who are part of the “Brandon Administration,” he stressed, before offering the final word of guidance to conservative Floridians straight from Ephesians 6.

    “You must be prepared to fight. Put on the full armor from God,” he said to a round of applause. “Take an oath against the schemes of the left. Be strong with that belt of honesty tucked at your waist. You'll face fire from flaming arrows but you can rely on the faith shield to shield you.”

    “We're just warming up. I'm just beginning to fight,” Desantis said. “I'm fighting my corner by walking the line to the finishing line and I'm able to tell that to you. With your assistance and the support of everyone who is behind us, there's no doubt that, come November, we'll be able to ensure that the State of Florida is free.”


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