Dog Stranded by Texas Bridge Helped by Good Samaritan Cyclists


    “Plus One”, the group's name, refers to Abbey Robinson, the only female in the group. The members usually cycle together at least once per week. And this week the group held another ride, WFAA announced on May 27.

    “We didn't have anything going on so it's just like, let's ride to Dallas and back,” Chris Williamson told the outlet.

    The group had traveled pretty long when they came to an overflowing ditch. They were able to see a woman who stopped her car and was yelling about a dog. They were shocked to find that the dog was sitting on a support beam beneath the road.

    “There's no way she could have gotten there herself and there's no way she could have gotten out herself,” Robinson said.

    Then, an uninvolved van stopped and Williamson used a ladder to climb up the bridge, and walked to the animal that was trapped for a while, where he sat alongside the pet.

    In a post on social media on May 22nd, Saving Hope Rescue shared images of the incident. It also added that Animal Control was called to the scene.

    “As soon as I got over there and grabbed a hold of her, we were golden,” Williamson said. Williamson scooped her up and carried her up to the cyclists.

    Social media users have praised their efforts, with one user saying, “There are angels walking in our midst. Thank God for the good people! Heroes indeed.”

    “She's beautiful! I'm so glad that she's been saved! Thank you to all who helped with her rescue!” another replied.

    The group dubbed the dog Mo in honor of Moriah Wilson, a late pro-cyclist. Mo was cared for by a foster parent, in addition, Saving Hope Rescue was raising funds to help her keep her.

    “I mean it needed to be done, and who else is gonna do it if you don't just jump in and do it?” Williamson said.


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