Donald Trump Endorses “Patriot” Sarah Palin for Congress


    The Former Alaska governor has been praised as a “wonderful patriot,” by Donald Trump; he mentioned her determination to fight in the face of Democrats' attacks on her.

    “Wonderful patriot Sarah Palin of Alaska just announced that she is running for Congress, and that means there will be a true America First fighter on the ballot to replace the late and legendary Congressman Don Young,” Trump said.

    Sarah Palin notably endorsed Trump during the early 2016 primary. “We are ready for a change. We are ready and our troops deserve the best, a new Commander-in-Chief whose track record of success has proven he is the master at ‘The Art of the Deal,'” she declared.

    In his support, Trump recalled how Palin made a splash in her 2008 McCain campaign, even as the establishment and the media Republicans have sabotaged her.

    “Sarah lifted the McCain presidential campaign out of the dumps despite the fact that she had to endure some very evil, stupid, and jealous people within the campaign itself,” he added. “They were out to destroy her, but she didn't let that happen.”

    “Sarah Palin is tough and smart and will never back down, and I am proud to give her my complete and total endorsement and encourage all Republicans to unite behind this wonderful person and her campaign to put America First!” He concluded.

    Sarah Palin announced her candidacy for congress on Friday, with the goal to take over the seat left open by Don Young. During her announcement, she cited the economic destructions of the Biden period:

    “America has reached a turning point. As I've witnessed the extreme left destroy our nation, I knew that I needed to take action and join in the fight. The citizens of the great State of Alaska, like other Americans across the country, struggle with out of control prices, empty shelves and prices for gas that are among the most expensive around the globe. We need security in the energy sector for our nation, and Alaska can provide it, but only when the federal government gets away from the equation and lets the market do what it does best.”

    “At this critical time in our nation's history, we need leaders who will combat the left's socialist, big-government, America-last agenda,” Palin declared.

    “This country was built by heroes, and the radical left dishonors their legacies by opening our borders to illegal immigrants, mortgaging our children's future, and selling out our nation's interests to the highest bidder,” she said.


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