Dr. Oz’s Book Touting Controversial Traditional Medicines Co-Authored with CCP-Backed Academic


    Dr. Mehmet Oz co-authored the book Yin Yang You with Anlong Xu, who is the president of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and is backed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), as the Washington Free Beacon reported. It advocates traditional Chinese medicine and has faced criticism from the West since its publication. It was released on October 11, 2021, around the time Dr. Oz began plotting his run for the U.S. Senate.

    The report alleged that Dr. Oz's book, written in collaboration with the CCP-backed scholar, demonstrated his desire to earn profits in the communist state and help promote the propaganda efforts of the CCP. The famous doctor has come under scrutiny recently for his history of kowtowing to China's communist regime, even while he has demanded President Joe Biden be “tougher” about Beijing as well as accusing the CCP of manipulating currency and stealing American intellectual properties.

    It was recently revealed that Dr. Oz has had a lucrative sponsorship agreement with the American company Usana Health Sciences–during and after his 12-year tenure on the Dr. Oz Show. The company that published Yin Yang You has made it clear that China has been its “largest market and single largest source of revenue,” in addition to having a significant Chinese subsidiary called BabyCare, which was reportedly granted a license by the Chinese government to market its products within the communist nation.

    Anlong Xu's potentially embarrassing experiences with the CCP are explained in detail in the Free Beacon report, which also pointed out that it is believed that the Chinese Communist Party has in recent years been embracing traditional Chinese medicines as part of its soft-power initiatives. Chinese leader Xi Jinping last year urged the advancement as well as exportation of traditional Chinese medicine that he said could be a way to fight COVID-19. Oz praised Xi at a book launch in September for his embrace of traditional Chinese medicines, stating that the Chinese Communist Party president had “opened this portal” for Usana to market health products in the Chinese market.

    Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is a key hub and at the heart of the Chinese Communist Party's endeavors to encourage traditional Chinese medicine throughout the world. Anlong Xu, Oz's coauthor, was spotted alongside Xi Jinping at an event in 2015 to announce the Australian Satellite campus for Beijing University. The school claimed that the collaboration could help China achieve its “soft-power” goals. Beijing University has since established the U.S. Center for Chinese Medicine outside of Washington, D.C.

    It is believed that the Chinese Communist Party is deeply integrated into the Beijing school; the school and its eight-person leadership committee include three secretaries from the party. Xu has led the Chinese Communist Party meetings at the university, as per the website of the party.

    The university of which Xu is a member also has been linked with the United Front Work Department, which reports directly to the Central Committee of the CCP and also works with Confucius Institutes. These help keep track of Chinese students all over the U.S. and around the globe.

    The Free Beacon also noted that Usana Health Sciences' publishing of Dr. Oz and Xu's book is just one aspect of a bigger collaboration between the university and Usana Health Sciences. The health firm has also published an infomercial featuring Dr. Oz, because of his renown as a famous doctor, discussing herbal remedies with a professor at the university. The agreement was signed in May. It grants the health firm “the right to commercialize any products developed through the partnership. Beijing University receives scholarships for traditional Chinese medicine students and support for the U.S. Center for Chinese Medicine.”

    Responding to this news report, Dr. Oz's director of communications, Brittany Yanick, said that Dr. Oz has “spent the last 30 years in medicine helping individuals combat illnesses and empowering people to make decisions that benefit themselves, not the government.”


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